Monday, November 26, 2012


 I am sharing with you how to turn some simple paper punches into elegant ornaments.  
This is a great way to use up those small paper scraps left over from larger projects.   
Feel free to save or print this tutorial for your personal use.

Now, let's dip into our leftover bowl and get crafting!

*  Paper Scraps - Make sure the paper you use has some weight to it, I tried some book pages but the paper was too flimsy.  I used some small left over pieces of vintage sheet music. If you use vintage paper make sure it is not brittle.

*  Fabric Scraps

*  Paper Punches - You want a simple shape like a circle, scallop circle or oval, scallop flower, etc.
I used the following punches: Fiskars Large Squeeze Scalloped Oval PunchSlim Punch (Real Estate Sign) by EK Success,  Martha Stewart Christmas Dove Medium Punch by EK Success.

*  Jewelry Making Supplies:  Eye Pins, Jump Rings, and Wire all in matching finish
I used Vintaj brand products, eye pins, jump rings,and wire (These were leftovers from making charms for my daughters wedding favors)

*  Beads in various sizes

*  Misc. Embellishments of your choice

*   Scrap Ribbon for hangers - I used seam binding by ZipperStop, Hug Snug in Winter White

*  Scissor, Wire Cutters, Tweezers, Needle and Thread

*   Glues - Aleene's Tacky Glue, Hot Glue, and Elmer's School Glue

*  Rubber Stamp of your choice and ink of your choice

 Dangle Top:

*  Using craft punch, punch out 8 paper shapes - I used the Fiskars scallop oval punch
 *  Ink front and back edges of punch outs, stack 6 of them together and set 2 aside
*  Sew down the middle of the stack of six making sure to back stitch to lock thread ends, trim off excess thread ends, separate folded layers
 *  Run a thin bead of tacky glue down the sewn seam and place an eye pin in the glue with the eye extending past the end of the paper punch, repeat on the back seam and allow to dry. 
*  Starting with one seam side of your punch ornament place a very small dot of tacky glue on ends as shown below, making sure to leave middle of punch flaps unglued, press into place.  Flip over and do other seamed side.  Repeat with remaining flaps, you should end up with six sections when you are done
 *  Once dry, use a tweezer to  open up center section of glued flaps, add a dab of tacky glue and glue bead of your choice into the center of the flap, repeat with remaining 5 sections and allow to dry.
 *  Brush each section between beaded flaps with Elmer's glue and sprinkle with glitter, shake off excess, allow to dry.  Once dry add a jump ring to each eye pin.
Dangle Center:

*  Rubber stamp one side of each of the two extra punches  
*  Place glue on unstamped side and  2 head pins with an eye showing past the edge of the punch on opposite ends, sandwich with other extra punch making sure stamped side is out and press into place, allow to dry
*  Embellish and glitter both sides as desired - I used mini craft mirrors, beads, and shabby mini muslin roses (Rose tutorial below)
*  Wire and bead between each completed section, add ribbon to top jump ring to hang ornament
 Shabby Muslin Rosette:

*  Tear a 1/2 inch strip of muslin or fabric of your choice
*  Tie a small knot on one end of strip
*  Fold tail to back of knot and tack in place using a needle and thread
*  Twist tail end of fabric strip and begin to wind around knot, tacking with needle and thread as you go

 *  Continue until you get a diameter of about 1 inch, clip off excess fabric strip leaving a 1/4 inch tail.  tack tail to back of rosette, knot thread and clip
*  Embellish as desired.

Want a more simple version?  Leave off the top dangle as shown below:
 BUTTONCICLE 2.0 Version:

Want a super quick and easy dangle, why not bring back the Buttoncicle, full tutorial found HERE, add a few more beads on top and the center section of the dangle as described above!

*  Use two different craft punches, punch out 2 shapes from each punch
*  Rubber stamp a design on one side of each punch out and ink edges
 *  Add eye pins as described above adding jump rings
 *  Tear strips of fabric and glue onto top banner piece, stamp or write the word "JOY" on the top piece of fabric
 *   Wire and Bead, Glitter and Embellish as desired, add ribbon hanger
  Merry Christmas Crafting!



  1. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas and instructions! Love each one!

  2. How exciting to return home and find this Christmas happiness! I think I have all the supplies to make this I just need to find the time. :)

  3. My first-time visit... I saw your link over at Vee's. Oh my... what a treat to 'meet' you and your lovely blog. Such creative energy and beauty.

    Thanks so much sharing your love of beauty and for giving us some glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.

    I'll be back.............