Friday, November 16, 2012


A simple paper punch can easily be made into an elegant ornament. 
 I am sharing with you here a shiny little snow bird, enjoy!

*  White Gift Tissue Paper - I used two .99 cent packages with 10 20" x 20" sheets purchased at Hobby Lobby
*  Sewing Machine, thread and bobbin to match tissue paper
*  Scissor
*  Paper Scraps - Make sure the paper you use has some weight to it, I tried some book pages but the paper was too flimsy.  I used some small left over pieces of vintage sheet music. If you use vintage paper make sure it is not brittle.
Cut out ovals in provided pattern size
*   Glues - Aleene's Tacky Glue, Hot Glue, Elmer's School Glue, Glue Stick
 * 6 Pearl beads per bird
 *  White florist wire and wire cutter
 *  Bird's Head Pattern - Provided below

 *  Using craft punch, punch out 6 paper shapes, or cut out ovals in size of the provided pattern
 *  Stack them together, sew down the middle of the stack making sure to back stitch to lock thread ends, trim off excess thread ends, separate folded layers
*  Starting with one seam side of your punch ornament place a very small dot of tacky glue on ends as shown below, making sure to leave middle of punch flaps unglued, press into place.  Flip over and do other seamed side.  Repeat with remaining flaps, you should end up with six sections when you are done, allow to dry
*  Print out provided bird's head pattern, trace onto paper or card stock with the notched end on the paper fold as shown below, cut out, open up and use a glue stick to secure both sides of the head together
*  Slide notch of bird's head onto body along the sewn seam line, using tacky glue, dot both sides of the notch and secure top and bottom of head, allow to dry
 *  Use a tweezer to  open up center section of glued flaps, add a dab of tacky glue and glue bead of your choice into the center of the flap, repeat with remaining 5 sections and allow to dry
*  Brush each section between beaded flaps and both sides of bird's head with Elmer's glue and sprinkle with glitter, shake off excess, allow to dry

*  Layer 10 sheets of tissue paper, cut into 2 inch strips, you will need 15 of the 2 inch 10 layers strips for a 100 light garland strand.  It is easier to cut if paper is stacked and folded as shown below:
*  Unfold layered paper strip and sew directly down the middle of the tissue strip as shown below, clip off end threads:
 *  Crease and fold strip along sewing line
*  Snip through layers being careful not to clip through the stitching, just clip up to about 1/8 of an inch away from the stitching.
*  Unfold, hold end of fringe strip between your palms and roll it back and forth like you are rolling play dough,  move down the strip until all the fringe fluffs out, repeat with remaining strips
 *  Using wire cutter, clip off a 4 inch section of wrapped florist wire, snip off a three inch section of the tail fringe and glue to wire, place glue onto remaining 1 inch of wire and slide between bottom seam to glue in place, allow to dry
*  Curl birds tail by bending upwards and then about 1 inch from the end end away from the body
*  If you want your bird to hang either use a mini hole punch just behind the head to insert a ribbon or string or you can do what I did and just let them sit on the tips of your tree branches

Please feel free to save or print out this tutorial for personal use.
Happy Holiday!

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