Friday, November 23, 2012


Snippets of vintage paper, mixed with a few inexpensive modern elements make sparkling snowflakes to adorn your tree or top packages for a pretty finishing touch.  I hope you enjoy making these.  Feel free to save or print this tutorial for your use.

MATERIALS (needed per ornament):
*Plastic Glitter Snowflake
*6 to 12 ~ 1 1/2 inch squares of vintage paper such as sheet music or book pages NOTE: The amount of squares per ornament depends upon if you want a 6 pointed or 12 pointed snowflake.
*Mini clothespins
*1 inch paper or card stock circle matching the color of your snowflake
*6 inches of 24 gauge wire
*Beads of your choice, I used a mixture of vintage, plastic, and glass
*Embellishments of your choice
*Clear drying glue
*Hot glue and glue gun
*Ribbon for hanging

*Curl paper squares into small cones, run a bead of clear drying glue along one seam, fold edge over and hold for a moment to let glue take hold. Pin mini clothes pin to the glued seam to hold it until it dries. Repeat of as many cones as you need for your ornament.
*Using your 6 inch piece of wire, bead and wire a dangle for your snowflake.
*Wrap wire around one tip of snowflake a couple of times.
* Bring wire end around to the back of the snowflake and bend and smooth towards the center of the snowflake. Add a generous bead of hot glue to the center of the snowflake right over the end of the wire and place the 1 inch round of matching paper or card stock on top of the glue, hold in place until glue sets. This will not only secure the wire but finish off the back of your ornament nicely.
*Flip ornament over and straighten dangle end.
*Using the snowflake tip directly across from the dangle end, thread your ribbon tie through the openings on either side of the tip, knot, leaving the long ends loose for tying onto the tree. Be generous with this ribbon using at least 18 inches, ends can always be clipped if needed.
*Remove clips from paper cones. Each plastic snowflake has 12 points, this makes laying out your paper cones very easy, for a 6 pointed star just hot glue six cones to every other point as shown below:
For the 12 point snowflake, layout as below:
*Brush clear drying glue inside each cone tip and glitter. You can glitter all your cone tips before assembly if desired.
Now for the fun part!

*Embellish the center of your snowflake in any way you wish.

In the sample below I used a snippet of vintage crochet lace, a crepe paper rosette made from very old crepe paper, and a vintage look felt flower embellishment.  Embellishment options are endless.
What else can you do with tiny paper cones? By inking the edges and folding down one corner before assembly you can make tiny cones like these:
I added a tiny wire handle by hot gluing it to the inside of the cone sides, added a snippet of real moss and tiny paper punched bird (Martha Stewart Paper Bird Punch) to the "nest", finishing it off with a vintage shell button and a pearl bead to the tip. I will glue these onto place cards for my table setting!


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  1. I love all of them! You are such a talented artist and don't think for a minute that we do not appreciate all of your creativity and the hard work that is involved in presenting these tutorials! Hope you are going to teach some classes in the near future!
    Beth P